Wednesday, January 27, 2010
UPDATE!/ 12:46 PM

hey to those whom i've missed!

Its been what? a bazillion years since i've posted sth decent up on my blog...and well, you guessed it, this wont be anymore decent then the last :P hahah

Anyways! i'm currently in school now and i am drowning in assignments and tutorials and projects! like literally! i have numerous tutorials that needs COPYING...hahah, numerous assignments that needs COMPLETING and numerous projects that needs....well, actually who cares bout projects but they still do need to be submitted!

I am sooo sooo dead, and to top all that, my exams are in approximately 2 weeks and i've yet to revise for any of my modules.

Final year tests, for modules which are non-examinable, are just next week......OH HO HO, i am fucking road kill just about now.

Hmmmm other then school, my outside (non-school/non-family) life have just been great. :) nth much that i can indulge you guys in but just rest assured i'm pretty happy where everything and everyone is concerned.

Thats my update for now! i have to rush to class soon for a test which i've yet to study for!! see ya!! :D


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